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When it comes to article tips, there are many techniques you can learn to help you create great articles through and through. One of the most important article tips you can ever learn is to create great keyword titles.

Keyword titles will help your article get picked up by the search engines and rank well for your search terms. It will also help the readers find your articles more quickly. An enticing article title laden with the right keyword terms can get you the views you need and want.

When it comes to creating keyword titles, there are several things you should know. First, you don’t want to try to cram too many keywords into one title. You need to focus on your main keyword or keyword phrase and optimize this in your title.

You also need to know where to place the keywords in your title. You want them to be as close to the beginning of the title as possible. Studies show that the first three words are the ones that will get picked up most easily by the search engines. You should always try to get your keywords at the beginning of the title as much as possible.

If you are having trouble working it in so that it makes sense, try it the way I did in this very article with article tips as my main keyword phrase. Proper keyword research beforehand will help you to know what phrases you should be trying to target in the first place.

When creating keyword titles, it’s important that you remember the importance of fulfilling your title in the body of the article. The title is like a promise you make to the reader. Your title should lay out what you plan to provide them with in the article and it’s important that you keep with this promise when you write it.


Never try to use an article title with keywords to suck the reader in when it’s not what your article is really about. Not only will this let your reader down but it can get you banned by the search engines and your article rejected by many submission site. Use keyword rich titles that correctly pertain to your article’s topic and subject matter.

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