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Love Hotels – Intimacy By The Hour


Small houses with thin walls, extended families living together, and a general modesty combine to make romance difficult for young Japanese lovers חדרים לפי שעה. But it creates a unique and considerable economic niche: the Love Hotel. These rent-by-the-hour hotels offer couples a cherished opportunity for intimacy that sure beats making out in the car ….  Read More

Bøker om antikviteter, glass, møbler, design, våpen etc.


Antikvariatet sender gjerne til kjøper. Ta kontakt på mail: submit@toftesantikvariat.No eller ship en melding through annonsen. Annonsen oppdateres jevnlig mye nye titler. Norske antikviteter fra bygd og via (1994) Bok med vareomslag. 270 sider. Rikt illustrert. 3. Opplag. (250 kr) Rolf Simeon Andersen & Astrid Olsen – Moderne antikviteter (2000) Norsk keramikk, signaturer og ….  Read More

100 Rental Market Tips


Sometimes we need ideas to get started with items in life. This list is meant to provide 101 “ideas” and stuff to check out to get the creative juices rolling. Most are pure real estate points to think about. A few are simple ideas that I believe help get things moving in life. So here ….  Read More