Car Leasing Guide

Leasing a Car in Japan
Lease Japan gets you into the quality car Japanese Used Cars Auction Proxy at the satisfactory charge, and be there to help from the time of transport to the day the car is again.

The Advantages of Leasing
Leasing gives appealing blessings over shopping a car, especially for expats residing in Japan for a exceptionally quick duration of two or 3 years.

Lower Monthly Payments
Less Cash Up-the front
Fewer Maintenance Headaches
No Car-Selling Hassles
24 Hour Emergency English Help Line
Gets you off the teach!
Lower Monthly Payments

Monthly lease bills are generally 30%-60% lower than bills on a buy mortgage of the identical term.

Less Cash Upfront

Lease Japan requires no down payment, which makes stepping into a new car loads simpler. This is particularly proper whilst first coming to Japan, and trying to set up your whole life right away. We ask for the primary and last month’s rent price in the first month, but meaning that your closing month of the hire (and probably your ultimate month in Japan) can be covered. You will now not need to keep your bank account open to pay the final charge, and may fear about more crucial ultimate-minute info; all even as still driving your automobile till the very last day.

Fewer Maintenance Headaches

Most people lease for a time period that coincides with the period, in months, of the manufacturer’s assurance coverage in order that if something goes incorrect with their vehicle, it’s constantly protected. New car rentals from Lease Japan also consist of loose 6 / 12 / 18 / 24-month protection checks. We will accumulate the auto out of your place of business or house at a time that fits you, take the auto to have its protection take a look at, and go back the auto the same day.

Fewer Administrative Headaches

Lease Japan will assist to register your automobile, follow for coverage coverage, and take care of all scheduled protection appointments for you. We do the whole thing we can to make it easy to be able to get again on the street and residing your existence in Japan.

No Car-Selling Hassles

With Lease Japan, the complications of promoting a used car are eliminated. When your hire ends, you clearly return it again to us and stroll away. If leaving Japan, you’ll appreciate using your car till the final minute so you can cope with extra essential details than selling your car!

ETC Card with out Credit Card Hassles

When you hire a vehicle from Lease Japan, we are able to deliver you with an ETC card (ETC=Electronic Toll Collection System). Normally, getting an ETC card calls for you first apply for a credit card. The software process may absorb to a month, and there’s no guarantee that you may be accredited in the end. On top of that, earlier than you come back the lease car you have to cancel the credit score and ETC cards months in advance. Lease Japan will offer you with a corporate ETC card within the first week of your lease that you may use until the day before you come your lease vehicle for a small processing fee and deposit.

English Emergency Help Line

When you hire a car from Lease Japan, we can provide you get admission to to our 24/7 English Emergency Help Line. For Lease Japan’s customers, an English speakme consultant is best a smartphone call away in any respect hours; equipped to offer immediately assistance in an emergency or to clear up a problem with your vehicle. They can assist with translating, contacting the police or avenue carrier, accommodations Insurance claims, or organizing the car to be amassed and be repaired if important.

How it Works
Leasing a Car from Lease Japan

Your request for an estimate is acquired by means of Lease Japan.
An estimate is prepared and sent to you for verification. Changes may be asked, or the estimate may be popular as is.
If frequent, signal the estimate for your vehicle and ship it returned to Lease Japan.
Once the signed estimate is obtained we begin the system of ordering and registering your automobile and your very last agreement is ready.
To whole the registration process Lease Japan will need:
A replica of your Alien Registration Card, or Residence Card
Original Resident Certificate (issued in remaining 3months)
Your signature or inkan stamp on registration documents
Car Park Certificate from the proprietor of the belongings or automobile park.
Your new lease car is added to you, and a Lease Japan representative will completely provide an explanation for your new vehicle and its options.
You signal the very last contract, and get on the road!

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